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She was a ceramist, he a sculptor.

The Rozynski Art Center is located in the hamlet of Way's Mills, in Estrie. Nestled in a valley, the property of over 2 acres is bordered by a magnificent river.  The building, formerly the village primary school, was acquired by Stanley and Wanda Rozynski in 1964. They established the Rozynska pottery school there, which enjoyed significant influence, thus contributing to the development of the rich artistic community  that characterizes the region.  


Both second-generation Polish immigrants, the artist couple who studied in New York first opened a studio on Mansfield Street in Montreal. In addition to his own space, Stanley exhibited at the Free gallery. Anxious to build around him a dynamic artistic community, Stanley became in 1961 one of the founding members of the Association des Sculpteurs du Québec. Having become too cramped, the urban studio of the Rozynskis was abandoned in favor of the vast and charming property of Way's Mills.

At the same time a studio, a residence and a school where a dozen students stayed per semester of 2 weeks each summer between 1966 and 1983, it is a space designed around the concepts of collaboration and artistic consultation. There is a huge fully fenestrated workshop on the south side, 7 bedrooms, several bathrooms, a welcoming living space including a kitchen, a dining room and a living room with fireplace. It is there that hundreds of students over a period of nearly twenty years, were introduced to the pleasure of pottery and perfected their art, under the watchful eye of Wanda. Active members of a dynamic artistic community, the Rozynskis revolved around several artists, including many renowned ceramists. The Rozynska workshop-school also played a leading role in this movement, which gave rise to the development of ceramics in Quebec. We can say that Wanda Ronzynska participated in the recognition of ceramic art.


True philanthropists, Wanda and Stanley Rozynski set up a foundation that allows Bishop's University to award an annual scholarship, The Wanda Rozynska Scolarship in Fine Arts, to a student pursuing studies in art. In continuity with this concern to encourage accessibility to the arts, Stanley Rozynski set up the Rozynski Art Center shortly before his death. He thus continues the charitable work begun with his wife by offering by testamentary bequest his property as well as all of his works, those of his wife and those of their collection at the Center d'art  Rozynsky.


Thanks to the generosity of these two pioneers who devoted their entire lives to the arts, the Center d'art  Rozynski is today able to accomplish his mission, which in a way is the continuation of theirs. This is why the CAR logo is like the punch used by Wanda Rozynska to sign her pieces. 

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