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Residencies at the Rozynski
Art Centre

The Rozynski Art Centre offers two types of artistic residencies, accommodating up to four artists in residence simultaneously. Both types offer accommodation in a private room, access to the facilities and studio, and technical support provided by the studio coordinator (Michelle Sayer:

Subsidized Residencies

Subsidized residencies are awarded through a highly competitive nomination process. Artists in subsidized residencies benefit from :


  • Visibility through our digital platforms.

  • Administrative support (finding partners, assistance in sourcing materials, logistical support for the realization of their project)

  • Technical support (technical assistance with research). 

In exchange, the Centre asks these artists-in-residence to get involved in the community, for example, by participating in activities during or outside our annual summer event, Céramique à Way's Mills.


To be eligible, please submit your application including your curriculum vitae, a description of your project, the reasons for choosing the Rozynski Art Centre as your place of residency, and your material needs. The evaluation process can take up to several months.

Self-Funded Residencies

Self-funded residencies offer a quick and direct way to access the artist residency program at the Rozynski Art Center. They are offered in one-week segments at a rate of $1,000 per week, and require a non-refundable deposit of 10% of the total cost of the residency. This fee includes accommodation (bathroom and community kitchen), access to the studio, and technical support.


To apply for a self-financed residency, please submit a description of your project and your desired dates.

In both cases, the cost of firings, materials and additional technical training in ceramics is not included. These costs are to be deducted from the residency budget for subsidized residencies, and invoiced directly to the artist for self-funded residencies.

List of Materials and Equipment

Electric Kilns

  • Square Cone Art Kilns with digital controller: 8.4 square feet; 23 inches wide x 27 inches high.

  • Test kiln with manual controller: 11 inches x 9 inches.

  • Digitally controlled 7-section Cone Art Kilns stacked vertically to a maximum height of 1.6 meters.

  • Digitally controlled oval Cone Art Kilns, 40 inches wide x 27 inches high.

  • Round Gare kiln with manual controller, 23 inches wide.

Other Kilns

  • Large gas kiln (in restoration).

  • Outdoor raku kiln (12 square inches).

Studio Equipment

  • FREMA 30" slab roller.

  • Clay gun.

  • 10 Shimpo VL Whisper wheels.

  • Large wedging table.

  • Ceramic tools (wood modeling tools, trimming tools, needle tools, rib tools, etc.).

  • Wooden boards for adjustable shelves.

  • Plaster basins for clay recycling.

  • 10" and 14" plaster bats.

  • Tuiles de tournage de 4 pouces.

  • Digital and triple beam scales.

  • 0,5 to 50 lbs scales.

  • Band saw and circular saw.

  • Sander and roue de sablage fixée au mur.

  • Basic tools (pliers, hammers, saws).

  • Drill.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding artist residencies or the application process.

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