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Étienne Plante 




Étienne Plante is a visual artist who resides and works in Sherbrooke. He explores and reappropriates traditional manufacturing processes to counter the loss of hands-on knowledge to the benefit of industry. His academic training in mechanical engineering contrasts with his background as a self-taught artist. He completed training in performance art with Sylvie Tourangeau in 2022 and has since been involved in several creative projects which combine sculpture and the performing arts. In 2023, Étienne was a finalist for the Art + Environnement prize awarded by Conseil de la Culture de l’Estrie. 


My practice is rooted in fire, an alchemical element which allows to change the state of both body and matter. I work in sculpture, installation, and performance art, while pursuing the intention of taking part in a shared artistic experience. My interests in the transformation of materials enables me to engage in dialogue with different communities and to foster the exchange of techniques and processes. I favor the use of waste as a raw material, free, universal, and carrying an environmental charge. Through my exploration of forge and foundry techniques, I seek to connect my artistic gestures to an unrefined form of nature. 

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