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Jean-Simon Trottier 



Originally from the region of Saguenay-Lac Saint-Jean, now based in Montreal, Jean-Simon Trottier is a recognized glassblower, here and abroad. At the turn of the millennium, he studied at Espace VERRE, where he now teaches. He then perfected his technical skills in several workshops in France, and then, mainly, in Quebec with the Czech master glassblower Pavel Cajthaml, with whom he worked for more than 15 years. His artworks have been exhibited internationally and have earned him several awards and grants. A versatile craftsman, Jean-Simon Trottier regularly contributes to the creation of glass artworks for other artists. 


The essence of my approach concerns the idea of ​​balance – and imbalance. I am interested in the movements, the upheavals that characterize our time. The way these dynamics evolve to find their balance inspires me. My creative process is intuitive; I let myself be guided by my senses to design my artworks. I then find solutions to problems related to the implementation of my ideas. I try to exploit the evocative forces of the material to animate my creations. I mainly use glass for its particular qualities which allow me to represent the most subtle, intangible aspects of the imagination. 

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