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Micheline de Passillé 

Enamels on metal 



Originally from Montreal, in 1954 Micheline de Passillé made her first ventures in enameling on copper while working in a medical laboratory. In a short time, she began creating jewelry, which she first sold at café Échourie. In 1958, her partner Yves Sylvestre, an engineer, began to assist Micheline. From this moment on, she signed her pieces “de Passillé-Sylvestre.”. At their studio located in Sainte-Adèle (Laurentians), they invented their own techniques, hence the originality of their production. From 1970 onwards, Micheline became a designer of jewelry and fashion accessories, partly produced in a factory. 


My mother, a graduate of the École des Beaux-Arts, introduced me to painting. Then, sculpture became a means of expression that fascinated me. I took a Shell Casting course (lost wax process) and later returned to enamelling. My transition to design and semi-industrial production can be explained by a desire to democratize my art. I have also always made room for one-of-a-kind artworks in my process, one nourishing the other. Self-taught and proud of it, I passed on the original techniques that I developed in the context of my retrospective exhibition at the Musée des métiers d’art du Québec, in 2022. 

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