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Wanda Rozynska 




Wanda Staniszewska was born in Montreal in 1929. Following her marriage to Stanley Rozynski in 1953, she took on Rozynska as her surname.  


After learning ceramics in New York City, in 1964 Wanda took part in a workshop at Gaétan Beaudin's North Hatley studio and school in the presence of Japanese potter Tatsuzō Shimaoka. This event was a defining experience: it was then that the Rozynski studio and school project emerged. It was also at this time that formed the group which would soon become a community of talented artists practicing the fire arts in Way's Mills, comprised of Morton Rosengarten, Louise Doucet and Satoshi Saito (Doucet-Saito), and later, George Foster. 


Wanda Rozynska mainly practiced the art of pottery. This medium allowed her to explore the combination of shape, color and texture, while creating ceramic objects that were relatively easy to market. Her teaching activities tend in the same direction. Rozynska Pottery welcomed groups of students during the summer. The rest of the year, Wanda designed, produced and participated in exhibitions and trade shows. 


During the 1970s, she added the creation of sculptural vases to her portfolio of utilitarian objects. Her artistic sensitivity also manifested itself through her impressive flower gardens, which enhanced the experience of the site. Her approach to creation was thus holistic: to make one’s life a work of art. 

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