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Fundraiser  2021

As part of its 2021 fundraising campaign, the Rozynski Art Center (ROZ) is asking its community to raise $15,000 in order to complete the financing of its renovation project.
Since the relaunch of the CAR in 2017, we have sought to restore the Rozynski gas oven. Although it was built in 1964, it is in perfect condition. However, fire safety standards have greatly evolved, so that to use it we must obtain CSA certification and bring the building up to code, a project totaling expenses of $128,000. Thanks to the generosity of several financial partners, we are almost there!

The launch of our annual fundraising campaign is accompanied by the unveiling of the renovation plans for the CAR, produced by the firm Affleck de la Riva, architects . We would also like to warmly thank Gavin Affleck, long-time resident of Barnston-Ouest, and administrator of the CA du Roz since 2016.
The renovation project revolves around 3 axes:

  1. Relocation of the entrance door, to move it away from the furnace room. The new entrance vestibule will have a double function, being very fenestrated, it will also serve as an exhibition showcase for the artists in residence. Thus, passers-by and the local community can immediately see the work of the artist in residence. Likewise, the artist in residence will be able to test some of the ideas of his research and creation project with the public. The entrance to the CAR will therefore become a meeting area between the public and the artists.

  2. Fireproofing of the oven room, to make the Roz safer, since it complies with building code standards. The fire protection will allow us to relight the flame of the Rozynski's gas oven in complete safety. Once in operation, the Roz will be the only center to offer gas cooking across Quebec, because only educational institutions have this type of equipment, but they reserve access to their students. The interest of gas firings lies in the ability to cut off oxygen during firing, called reduction firing, which allows chemical reactions that provide unique effects in the finish of the pieces.

  3. The integration of an access ramp which will allow both universal access to the Roz, while making it easier to transport the ceramic pieces by cart between the workshop and the kiln room. Currently, the three steps that separate the entrance to the CAR from the workshop constitute an obstacle for people with reduced mobility. In addition, the gas oven being large, it will now be possible to bake very large pieces, it is therefore necessary to plan their movement, because the clay is never more fragile than when where it is ready to bake for its first baking (called biscuit).

This renovation project promises to make the Roz more functional, if only by finding the possibility of using the unique specialized equipment in the province that represents the gas oven. In addition, thanks to its new entrance and the ramp, the building opens up to its community. In a way, these renovations are the last phase of the relaunch of Roz following its conversion into an NPO in the wake of the testamentary legacy of the Rozynski couple. Once the building has become fully functional and safe again, the Roz will be able to truly begin its development.  It is with this in mind that we are asking you, in order to finalize the financial package that will allow us to restore Le Roz to its former glory.

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