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Guillaume Bégin in Residence

A warm thank you to the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, whose support made this residency possible.

Artistic Approach

"I am looking for a mode of expression that blurs the line between music and visual arts. I question their mutual influence and the different ways of translating them to each other. Allying the treatment of sculptural materials from a technical and aesthetic perspective, my research operates on both visual and acoustic levels. The making of musical instruments and sound devices allows me to explore the porosity of these two fields.

Presented in the form of installations and performances, these musical instruments are not destined to be finished objects: rather, they embody an openness to sonic possibilities. My approach to music is thus hybrid and experimental. It reinvents a musical education rooted in intuition and in the organic exploration of sounds."

Projet de résidence

"During my residency at the centre, I worked with clay through various techniques to explore the relationship between form and acoustic properties. Inspired by instruments traditionally linked to ceramics, I developed a series of original instruments. The formal characteristics of these instruments are subject to the whims of the clay, creating subtle variations in sound and giving them a unique and organic identity. The playing of these instruments remains relatively simple, intuitive, and accessible. Superimposed, their different sounds create rich textures that evoke the elements involved in their making. In addition to celebrating collective, intuitive and accessible music, this project aims to shed light on a little-known facet of functional ceramics: its modest presence in a world of instrument makers."

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