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Aude Gendreau-Turmel 

Directrice générale

Trained as an art historian , Aude has worked in community organisations since graduating in 2012. She has always had a strong interest in sculpture , although in 2008, she developped interest in ceramic as a hobby. Recently installed in the area, she found her place at the Rozynski Arts Centre .

Sarah et Tao.jpg

Sarah-Jeanne Riberdy 

Directrice artistique 
Technicienne céramiste

Graduated from the Bonsecours School of Ceramics and from the Fine Arts in Ceramics program at Concordia University, Sarah-Jeanne has been working at the Rozynski Art Center since 2018. Artistic director 2019-2020, she also teaches throwing and hand building at different levels and takes care of the coordination of the studio.


Nicole Blouin

Directrice Générale par Interim

​​General manager Aude Gendreau-Turmel gave birth to an adorable little girl. Since the advent, Nicole Blouin has replaced her as interim general manager. Ms. Nicole Blouin has evolved for over 20 years with cultural organizations, in particular, at the Union of Writers and Writers of Quebec (Uneq) also she occupied the functions of director of communications, in visual arts, in dance and in edition. In addition, she has nearly 10 years of experience in philanthropy with foundations and community organizations in Montreal. His artistic training in theater and literature allows him to understand the artistic approach of creators.


Benoit Pelletier


Pierre-Paul Tellier


Jane Coppenrath


Marko Savard

Vincent Lafrance

Stéphanie Fauteux

Elyse De Lafontaine

Gavin Affleck

George Hendy

Géraldine Stringer

Michèle Lavoie

Karine di Genova

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